Friday, June 24, 2005

Frightening house

Hi. If I shall believe what my web counter shows, a good half of this site readers speak english. So, rigth now i'm having a language issue with these comics. For now, I simply put what I hope is a decent translation in a second post. (this one) and i don't now what i'm going to do next about it; maybe i should open a new site or something like that (as my own-website-project still doesn't reach enough priority in my brain...). I accept suggestions. Even grammar corrections. Oh, and from the next week, I intend to update on Mondays and Fridays. See you then.
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Blogger Juan Carlos said...

Es complejo. En mi blog hice un post en inglés y luego lo traduje al español (no era muy largo). Cuando escribí mi siguiente post,
para ser honesto, no me dió el ánimo para traducirlo al inglés (era bastante largo).
Avísame si encuentras una solución factible.

4:39 pm  

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