Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'd like to read comments about this one, cause I re-wrote it several times and it may be somehow cryptic. I hope it is, but in a way good way, like some unanswered questions that I like, such as Who's behind the curtain, Where's Neil when you need him or Why are you looking at me, cause you can then look at the one who´s asking and smile misteriously and improvise, maybe with a really slow laughter and answering in a quiet voice You know. You know.


Blogger D said...

It does seem cryptic, yeah, but that seems like part of the mystique. The end is like some sort of non-comic punchline.

1:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, it's not a punch line. It's whimsical and intimate and beautiful. I can imagine that the fantasy of the angel is her way of hiding from the fact that the silence is caused by her not planning on being married. I can imagine that the longing for her she-angel is intensified by the silence.

11:02 pm  

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